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Podcasts, Audio Production for Web.

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Film, Television, Livestreaming, Web Video.

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Social Media

Social Media Content Production and Community Managing.


Graphic Design, Photography, Content Production.

My thoughts on Xennials

My thoughts on Xennials. Born between 1977 – 1983. I was fine with being Generation X. Hangarcatmedia is a Digital Production Service Company based out of Calgary, AB Canada. Hangarcatmedia does Audio, Video, Social Media, Design and more. Hangarcatmedia habla...

Movember 2017 Wrap Up

Movember 2017 wrap up. In which the moustache comes off and we talk about men’s...

Justice League: A Comprehensive Review

A comprehensive Review of Justice League. From the heart of that boy that wore a superman costume with his cousins when he was...

VR Storytelling

After last month’s SMBYYC (#SMByyc93) where Shaun Crawford (MammothVR) talked about VR and AR and where’s it going, my head started spinning about how it can be used to tell stories. A point was raised that traditional filmmakers are hesitant to embrace it...

Visit to @MediaLabYYC

After the SMBYYC, I had a chance to check out MediaLabYYC’s facilities at the Bridge in downtown Calgary. MediaLab is an all purpose multimedia studio, inspired by Youtube Space LA (Toronto, NY, etc). You can go there and record podcasts, and daily Youtube...