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013 RIP Gord Downie

Thoughts on Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, dead at 53. from Hangarcat Podcast on Anchor....

Social Media 101: Think twice, post once.

In light of last night’s social media tweet by the Flames‘ Comms director Sean Kelso, Apparently @kelsohockey deleted his tweet about @nenshi being worse than @realDonaldTrump — don’t worry..I saved it here ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/NoZulREuMK —...

011 Economic Impact: Heartland

The Local Economic Impact of the Heartland TV Series to Alberta. Full study at cmpa.ca from Hangarcat Podcast...

010 2 Film Jurisdictions

A Tale of 2 Film Jurisdictions: Calgary and Toronto. Two recent moves by local Government highlight what studios are dealing with. CL Western Town in Rockyview County, AB and Showline Studios in Toronto, ON. from Hangarcat Podcast http://ift.tt/2wRVRaG via Hangarcat...

Hangarcatfilms is now Hangarcatmedia

hangarcatfilms is now hangarcatmedia, We do audio, video, social media and design. We’ve actually been doing it for years now. Podcasts, audio production for the web, film television, live streaming, web video, graphic design, photography, social media content...