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New podcast is up! Meanwhile in Canada 🇨🇦 #MIC🇨🇦 Briefing 2.22.18 on Anchor

https://anchor.fm/meanwhile-in-canada Meanwhile in Canada 🇨🇦 News Briefing Intro • ON PC Candidate: Children Are Too Distracted By ‘Anal Sex’ To Focus On Math • TO Escape Room Puts You Inside A Plane That’s About To Crash And It’s Intense • Vulcan amends...

New Podcast: #MIC🇨🇦 Briefing 2.14.18

Your briefing for Funny, Strange and Odd news from the Great White North. Subscribe to get your briefing of what’s happening in Canada. Meanwhile In Canada Briefing is a positive production of Hangarcatmedia. Subscribe on itunes here. 🇨🇦 Fleeing bank robbery...

Social Media for Small Business with Theressa from HotMamaFit

I sat down with my friend Theressa from HotMamaFit for NE Calgary Marlborough and we went over some of her social media accounts and what she could do to generate traffic and engagement. We talked about the new Facebook algorithm, some Twitter tips and best practices...

My thoughts on Xennials

My thoughts on Xennials. Born between 1977 – 1983. I was fine with being Generation X. Hangarcatmedia is a Digital Production Service Company based out of Calgary, AB Canada. Hangarcatmedia does Audio, Video, Social Media, Design and more. Hangarcatmedia habla...

Movember 2017 Wrap Up

Movember 2017 wrap up. In which the moustache comes off and we talk about men’s...